Jesus Luz Loves You, and Himself in Ona Saez Ads

I am not sure who is to blame for having Jesus Luz carry a mug that says "I Love Jesus" or strike a crucified Jesus pose with a J inside a heart drawn on his chest in the new ads for Ona Saez. Is it the photographer, client, art/creative director, or Jesus himself for agreeing to do it?

What I do know is that the ads are extremely cheesy and are a far cry from Ona Saez’s inspired two recent campaigns, which you can see below.

The Jesus references continue in the ads with Jesus wearing a t-shirt that says ‘Jesus Loves You,’ another with a big cross that Jesus so smartly points to. But regardless of the various Jesus references in the ads, that real tattoo on the back of Jesus Luz clearly shows which Jesus he is truly in love with, and that is himself.