Jeremy Tinder Paints Humanoid Creatures with Hollow Bodies

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: jeremytinder & brwnpaperbag
It’s not quite clear what the creatures in these Jeremy Tinder illustrations actually are. Looking very much like children’s play things made of wood, each subject features a rectangular storage compartment as a torso as well as humanoid ligaments, googly eyes and Pinocchio-esque noses. One would think that these creatures are inanimate, but then Tinder goes ahead and renders the beings walking about, smiling smugly and even crying pink and blue tears. What on earth are these things?

The mystery behind these figures is, no doubt, what Jeremy Tinder intended for this series. A comic artist on his down time, he may have crafted these beings just to invoke confusion among viewers for his personal amusement. Even without a straight answer, audiences can appreciate Tinder’s work for his concept as well as its technical merits.