These Tanks by Jellyfish Art ProvidesInstant Zen at the Home or Office

 - Nov 30, 2015
References: kickstarter
Jellyfish Art's tanks are the ultimate zen meditation partner. Since jellyfish have no central nervous system, they are not even capable of worry and their only exertion is to pulse in a hypnotic rhythm.

An award-winning company called Jellyfish Art has developed a jellyfish aquarium that allows anyone to have their own pet jellyfish at home. The tank is low-maintenance and keeps the jellyfish healthy in an environment that mimics the open ocean with a special laminar water flow design. They even breed the jellyfish in a lab and ship them anywhere in the US.

While most people spend hours every day staring at computer and phone screens, it's highly beneficial to take an occasional break to stare at translucent jellyfish instead. The small muscles in the eye that focus the lens need to be exercised, so it helps to focus on objects at different focal lengths. The bodies of the jellyfish are perfect for this because their translucent tissue takes effort to focus on and they are constantly moving ever so slightly. Their rhythmic movements also clear one's thoughts and allow a brief light meditation.

It can be difficult to take the time to stop and focus on something extremely simple for a few minutes, but the mesmerizing bodies of jellyfish in an aquarium make it possible. Jellyfish are the little Buddhas of the sea.