These Delightful Jellyfish Earrings From ThinkGeek Make Great Gifts

 - Nov 20, 2014
References: thinkgeek
If you really love jellyfish, you can now showcase your love for the world to see with these jellyfish earrings. Between their mesmerizing luminous hue, elegant floaty movement and surprisingly shocking natures, what's not to love?

Available online from ThinkGeek, the jellyfish jewelry are little jellyfish for your ears in stud form. Though the wood earrings don't quite capture the same relaxation you might feel while watching them at an aquarium or something similar, they are still undoubtedly accurate in their form. A small cluster of stars is also visible. Even though the jellyfish earrings are not poisonous like the real thing, those with allergies to nickel should steer clear.

The aquatic accessories make an excellent gift for pierced eared loved ones.