Bluetooth Wireless Loudspeakers for your Handset.

The Jazz Hipster Corporation wants you to share your music no matter where you have stored it. So they have developed The JS2302 Wireless Loudspeaker. This handy and stylish bluetooth three piece speaker system, is compliant with mp3 enabled cell phones, Mp3 players,Notebooks, iPods and PC's with bluetooth connections.

Now you can play all your favourite tunes from your handset through to these powerful 16watt, surround sound speakers, no wires included, anytime, anyplace! They are compact and are able to be mounted on the wall with a maximum transmission distance of 100metres.

The principle activity of the Jazz Hipster Corporation (headquarters in Taiwan) is the development and manufacture of speakers for the computer, and consumer electronics market. They export their products all over the world including to the USA. They have won several awards for their cutting-edge audio technology and the Jazz JS2302 is one of the latest highlights of their achievements.

Specifications for these wireless wonders include, a 2.1 inch speaker with 16watts of virtual surround sound and 2.5 bass woofer. All in one 2.1CH speaker setting, with mess pipe to enhance the deep-bass performance. The JS2302 Speaker, supports all music playing devices with audio output compatible with A2DP (stereo sound).

Plug in your speakers wherever you are, (leave the bluetooth on standbye), and move your body to the sound, whenever you feel like it. The Jazz JS2302 Bluetooth Loudspeaker will increase the usefulness of your handset, by turning it into a hi-fi of your favourite music, that you can now share with others. Party on!