This Infographic Shows Jay Z Shout Outs to Luxury Brands

 - Oct 22, 2013
References: vanityfair & fastcocreate
This infographic calculates the number of Jay Z shout outs to luxury brands per album. The hip hop icon has released 13 albums since he got his start in 1996 and has a proven penchant for name dropping high-end brands. This includes Mercedes Benz, Cristal, Lexus, Maybach, BMW, Gucci, Glock, Bentley, Nike, Range Rover, Rolex, Porsche, Versace, Tom Ford and Kel-Tec. These glamorous names cover fashion, champagne, cars and watches, among other luxury-based industries.

These name-dropped products were accumulated by Vanity Fair by making use of the site Rap Genius. One of the more interesting pieces of information gained from all of the Jay Z shout outs is his disenchantment with Cristal. Once a go-to beverage in the rap community, the brand received considerable condemnation for racist comments in 2006.