Jason Liwag Re-Imagines Bane & Batman as Old Timey Boxers

An enormous amount of The Dark Knight Rises-inspired artwork is flooding the Internet, and luckily enough for fans, Jason Liwag has made these awesome and humorous old timey photos featuring Batman and Bane. Liwag superimposed the head of Tom Hardy and Christian Bale onto the bodies of butch boxers with their dukes up ready to brawl. The resulting black and white images resemble bobbleheads and are chuckle-inducing to say the least.

Jason Liwag crafted these two kickass images for a Batman-themed art show being held at Art Du Vin in Long Beach, California. Fans of these photos will be able to purchase Giclee prints that measure 5" x 7" each.

Strangely, Liwag’s Bane photo actually makes the character less intimidating, despite still being a heavily muscled man.