Jason Levesque Lets You Peer Into Surreal Anatomy

 - Aug 12, 2011
References: stuntkid.deviantart & urhajos.tumblr
When a person says, "I can see right through you," I bet he or she wasn't expecting to see images like these Jason Levesque illustrations. I mean, would you really expect to see a jellyfish floating around in the noggin of a contemplative female? I don't think so.

Jason Levesque, who draws under the pseudonym Stuntkid, specializes in drawing translucent women. But you won't find normal anatomical parts underneath their skin. Instead, Levesque often illustrates aquatic life or vegetation in place of bones and organs, and the results are these surrealistic and stunning depictions which totally intrigue its viewers on a cerebral level.

Implications - Consumers are intrigued by surrealism because it offers them escapist sensations. These sensations are used as a source of stress relief and are always in high demand from consumers. Corporations wanting to garner consumer attention may consider the use of surrealistic imagery in media campaigns.