Jardin Chic Planter Pet House Lets Flora and Fauna Coexist Indoors

Hybrid design makes me happy, and I have a feeling that certain furry creatures would be equally pleased with this Jardin Chic Planter Pet House.

The modern-looking flower pot takes an unusual irregular form, like a skewed cube with a contemporary flair. Its large scale means that the seeding of small herbage and greenery leaves an impressive cavity underneath, presenting the perfect opportunity to act as a doghouse and host a huggable hound.

The piece comes in a smooth white or dark brown, making it a stylish addition to both sophisticated indoor and outdoor environments. The durable plastic can withstand the elements, and certainly tenants with teeth and claws. A fitting home for cats and puppy dogs, the Jardin Chic Planter Pet House is a lovely living hub for flora and fauna alike.