Heitor Seió Kimura's Japanese Folklore Images are Flawless

 - Jul 27, 2013
References: cargocollective & designtaxi
Heitor Seió Kimura's illustrations of Japanese folklore are both on-point and an expert display of vector graphics. In Japanese folklore these supernatural creatures are called "yokai," and are part of many different stories that range from mischievous, cruel and some are even associated with good luck.

Whether it's the images of 'Baku' or 'Yatagarasu,' all of the illustrations effectively utilize vector art to create a rich and imaginative design. Combined with a minimalist background, these creatures leap out of their encapsulated circles through the use of vibrant colors and dynamic shadows. Preserving the history of the stories was important to the Brazilian artist as much of the folklore of the past fades from memory in modern times. It's apparent that Kimura respects Japanese folklore a great deal as all of the mythical creatures are the focal point of each illustration.