These Images Depict Men from the Edo Period in Farting Contests

 - Feb 2, 2014
References: naruhodo.weebly & juxtapoz
Japanese drawings are revered all over the world. Whether it be for their manga and anime or their simply outstanding cultural creations, the Japanese have long been on the cutting edge of illustration. These images aren’t from this new age of Japanese creation, but from a period long ago and they depict some pretty strange things.

These Japanese drawings feature men in the midst of having farting competitions. In this series of Edo period drawings, these men let rip with some powerful physics-defying farts. In one example, a poor cat is whisked away on the current of one such flatulent, while another broke through a solid piece of wood.

While these images were originally legitimate pieces of Japanese history, they were eventually used to criticize Westerners by way of having Americans blown away by the farts.