Jan Proska's Home Design Features Red Brick Heavily

 - Jun 9, 2017
References: archdaily
For the better part of a century, red brick was the go-to building material for everything from houses to factories, and Jan Proska's newly designed home pays tribute to the material's versatile history by literalizing that versatility. Not only is the home's posterior side clad solely in red brick (save for a few gaps for windows and doors,) but the home's garden courtyard is paved entirely in red brick as well.

From the street-facing side, Jan Proska's home looks very similar to the other, traditional homes in the surrounding town of Prusanky, Czech Republic. Such a look is relatively expensive though, so Proska opted for an unplastered, exposed brick facade in the rear in order to reduce costs. This practical decision nonetheless created a striking appearance that gives the home a unique feel compared to its neighbors.