Jacob Boie Depicts the Simplicity of Cuteness in Unlikely Pets

 - Jun 7, 2013
References: jacobboie
Graphic artist Jacob Boie is known for creating adorably minimalist designs depicting everything from sports to bicycles. His animal designs, however, are the pinnacle of cuteness and catch the eye from the very first glance.

Each animal portrait depicts a cartoonish creature staring curiously out at the viewer from against a vibrant solid-colored backdrop. The animals are drawn with an easy simplicity that enhances their cutest features, a smart move on the part of Boie since with this technique viewers feel inclined to reach through the drawing and hug the little guys.

The gorilla portrait is especially demonstrative of Boie's ability to render anything as adorable. Instead of their traditional black fur, Boie shows the gorilla as having a vibrant turquoise coat. He then places the gorilla against a lime green background, which creates an overall eye-catching design. With the gorilla's confused expression and miniature stature the drawing takes on an adorable nature that will have every viewer squealing.