Jack Munro's Blood Bricks Make a Macabre But Clever Form of Masonry

 - Oct 14, 2012
References: architizer & notcot.org
That's right, Jack Munro's Blood Bricks would be manufactured with plasma as their primary ingredient. The shock of learning this might cause some initial confusion about the benefit of such a material, but the project is actually quite an ingenious one.

The UK student proposes the use of the largely discarded liquid from slaughterhouses around the world. Approximately 8 gallons of it comes out of a single cow and by putting it to another purpose, the scheme becomes quite a sustainable one. Such structural stones could then be incorporated into residential and domestic building, especially where materials are needed in developing areas.

Jack Munro's Blood Bricks are waterproof and made using a mixture of sand and an antibacterial formula. It's not a perfect recipe yet, but an effective glue is one very successful product so far.