The J Henry Fair 'Industrial Scar' Shows Environmental Destruction

 - Jun 2, 2011
References: jhenryfair & mymodernmet
Oil spills and other industrial disasters are commonly discussed after incidents occurs, but constant discussion needs to be had -- just like this J Henry Fair Industrial Scar photography evokes.

J Henry Fair 'Industrial Scar' photographic series features various industrial disasters -- some that are heavily publicized, like the BP Oil Spill last summer, and some that fly under the public's radar. Heavy metal waste, fertilizer production damages, oil spills and phosphate waste are just some of the horrible environmental crises that Fair is able to capture.

Fair's photography has a unique ability to make even the most unpleasant of incidences beautiful. Aside from creating pieces like the J Henry Fair 'Industrial Scar' photographic series, Fair is also regarded as an essential environmental activist who speaks out about environmental conservation.