Ivar's Underwater Billboards Surface from the Puget Sound

 - Sep 21, 2009
References: ivars.net & seattletimes.nwsource
In 1955, believing that submarines would become a popular mode of travel in the Puget Sound, Ivar Haglund installed underwater billboards to direct traffic topside to dine at Ivar’s Seafood restaurant. It appears that three have been brought to the surface. Ivar’s restaurant isn’t saying just yet whether the recovered billboards are the real deal, cautioning that they might be part of an elaborate hoax.

A tireless self-promoter, Ivar Haglund opened the first aquarium on Seattle’s Pier 54 in 1938 and began to sell red clam chowder and fish 'n' chips to feed all the hungry visitors.

Despite his huge reputation for publicity which included strolling to Frederick and Nelson’s department store with Patsy his seal, it’s doubtful that even he envisioned the long-term future and posthumous publicity benefits of advertising with underwater billboards.