The ITV1 Injustice Print Ads Questions (Un)Lawful Actions

 - Jun 21, 2011
References: itv & ibelieveinadv
We all know the folly and fallacy of following the 'eye for an eye' principle, yet sometimes people cannot help but do just that; enter the ITV1 Injustice ad campaign. These series of five posters advertise a new TV drama airing on ITV in which a criminal barrister finds himself questioning his belief in the legal system.

With a great premise to work with, it is no wonder that the ITV1 Injustice ad campaign is just as strong and controversial. Taking a cue from the popularity of minimal posters, the ITV1 Injustice print ads are simple and direct. They rely on bold taglines such as 'Is murdering a murderer always murder?' as well as stark imagery that reinforces the difficult questions posed.