iTunes Removes Mad Men Cigarette

 - Jul 19, 2008
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Apple has censored the poster of Mad Men by photoshopping the cigarette out of the man's hand from iTunes. The new 'clean' image is used to promote the download of the full first season of the beloved TV show.

I think Apple has gone too far. This unnecessary censorship takes away from the spirit of the show. It's just a damn cigarette!

According to Wikipedia, the AMC TV show is set in New York City, and "takes place in the 1960s at the fictional Sterling Cooper advertising agency on New York City's Madison Avenue. It centers on a high-level advertising executive, and the people in his life in and out of the office. It also depicts the changing social mores of early 1960s America."

Mad Men won two awards at the 2007 Golden Globes, including Best Television Series--Drama.