Nicole Westbrook's Hit 'Its Thanksgiving' Rises up to Rebecca

 - Nov 18, 2012
References: usatoday & youtube
For all you Rebecca fans out there, Nicole Westbrook’s 'Its Thanksgiving' may be right up your alley. Though only being on YouTube for a few days, her song has already garnered over nine million views and counting. This sudden rise to fame is quickly making her the new tween sensation to rival Ms. Black’s catchy tune Friday.

Some of the highlights of the video include her breaking into a prayer rap, singing into a chicken leg and generally having one of the best times while eating thanksgiving staples such as mashed potatoes and turkey.

Ms. Westbrook may have a softer vocal sound but the parallels between herself and Ms. Black are uncanny. Though the similarities between the two shouldn’t come as much of a surprise after learning that the producer behind this tune, Patrice Wilson, is also responsible for Friday.

If anything, the viral sensation Its Thanksgiving stays as a reminder of the delicious eats enjoyed during the fast approaching festive holiday Ms. Westbrook sings so fondly about.