The 'iTOVi' Scanner and App Suggests Essential Oils and Supplements

 - Dec 8, 2016
References: & itovi
'iTOVi' is a portable health and wellness scanner that's described as a "personal product expert" that can make recommendations for essential oils and supplements based on the readings it picks up on one's body.

The portable device is powered by bioimpedience technology and a patented algorithm, which work together to measure signals in the body.

Once the iTOVi device has been used for scanning, the app for iOS and Android can be called up to reveal the iTOVi Scoring Circle. This circular graphic breaks down biopoints (as iTOVi describes, "Biopoints are simply parts of the body, such as organs, vertebrae, or other biological systems.") across the body, making it easy to understand exactly which single essential oils, blends and dietary supplements may be of benefit to integrate into one's life.