Buona Fortuna Documents the Effects of the Irpinia Earthquake

 - May 26, 2014
References: seethisway & designboom
Although the Irpinia earthquake happened in the 1980s, the buildings that were hit by this natural disaster are still in a state of ruin, as no one sought to reconstruct certain chapels. Buona Fortuna is a project that seeks to document these ruins, and show that there is still some beauty to be found here.

The project is being done by Jorge Manes Rubio and Gianluca Tesauro, who both believe that showing these images will shed more light on the fact that these buildings do still exist. Unfortunately there has been an excessive amount of looting in the area, and not a whole lot of motivation to update the structures. While this reality is sad, the photos that were taken as a result are still a stunning reminder of the past.

Photo Credits: designboom, seethisway