The iRobot 110 Turns Video Game Concepts Into Reality

 - Aug 21, 2011
References: irobot & wired
The latest in a group of tech innovations that borrows concepts from video games, the iRobot 110 takes its likeness from the remote-controlled bomb made famous by the Call of Duty series. What was once a video game trope is now the future of modern militaries.

When Black Ops hit retailers last year, it was widely deemed a worthy successor in the growing Call of Duty franchise. One impressive element in the game was a remote-controlled car that was loaded with explosive ordnance -- players would drive the small car into a pitched firefight and blow everyone to smithereens. And it seems as though private military contractors have been paying attention, because the iRobot 110 is a living incarnation of that make-believe bot.

Unfortunately, for now, the iRobot 110 isn't designed to blow up and take enemy combatants out. Its main functions include reconnaissance and clandestine surveillance.