The Iris Touch-Free Trashcan Features a Stunning Sci-Fi Design

 - Mar 11, 2018
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
The Iris touch-free trashcan is a new high-tech disposal device that offers unique tech and sensible design. The Iris touch-free trashcan was created by Everett Belmont who was inspired to create the device after making dinner with his wife. The creator explained his frustration with trying to open a hard-to-reach trashcan as the main reason for creating the Iris touch-free trashcan that features and infrared sensor beam and an airlock opening.

Much like other touch-free trashcans, the Iris touch-free trashcan utilizes a infrared sensor. The sensor allows the can to track what is in front of it, and controls the opening mechanism. The sensor may not be the most innovative piece of tech, but the trashcan's opening is where the appeal lies. The airlock inspired opening resembles a piece of science-fiction technology, and allows the can to open without any obstructions.