SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player

 - Apr 8, 2008   Updated: Apr 15 2011
References: theinsider.pricerunner
Why can this dinky MP3 player be a threat to the omnipresent iPod you ask? It has a secret microSD card slot that will enable you to stuff this player with 32Gb of music and the battery lasts 24hrs for constant music playing or 5 hours of video watching

Implications - When a product like the iPod explodes across the world and appeals to millions of consumers, it's definitely a wake up call to other companies within the same industry. Products like this show how offering a competitive alternative to even the most wildly popular of products is essential, and how there is a lot to be learned from the competition. It is never too late to innovate and it is especially true when the alternative is letting your competitor dominate a market unchallenged.