This Intimate Photography Series Captures People Kissing

Taking on a subject we all know pretty well, photographer James Friedman has a new intimate photography series that captures people kissing to pay homage to his loving relationship with his mother.

When the Ohio-based photographer found out of his mother's sickness, he started snapping lovers, family and friends kissing to cement the love he felt for her in his intimate photography series 'Pleasures and Terrors of Kissing.'

"I do not remember any kissing between family members as I was growing up. It wasn’t until my mother was hospitalized for eight months, unable to speak, that we began to kiss goodbye before I would depart for the day after visiting her. These newly discovered displays of affection were imbued with genuine caring and profound sadness as we both knew she had only a short time to live," says Friedman.

The nostalgically sad and moving series captures everything from sweet to passionate to awkward kisses, all the things we feel when we lock lips with another person.