Intersecting Boundaries Adds a Filter of Chaos to a Gridded Facade

 - Jan 18, 2013
References: suckerpunchdaily
In architecture, you don't have to choose between an orderly aesthetic and a disorderly one. Intersecting Boundaries embodies both compositional strategies to produce a compelling residential complex both inside and out.

Sarah J. Blitzer began with the basic grid, applying it to every exterior face of the structure as well as the circulation systems and the floor plans. On top of this is a more random rhythm of lines and forms that works to manipulate the uniformity into unpredictable undulations.

The result is a building with a truly remarkable texture. Masses of material extrude, resembling stone-like bubbles. These help to shape cavernous spaces on the ground floor of the mixed-program Intersecting Boundaries high-rise with unique areas up above for family units, studios and a spa.