This 'Twictionary' Helps Keep Ever-Evolving Twitter Lingo in Check

 - Mar 8, 2013
References: columnfivemedia & bitrebels
Keeping with the latest Internet lingo can sometimes feel like keeping up with a Ferrari while on roller skates. Fortunately for everyone who's just getting into the whole Twitter craze, we've got the 'Urban Twictionary' from Marketo and Column Five Media.

For some great example of new Internet lingo for 2013, look no further than the 'Twictionary.' Have you ever made a "twypo" on Twitter? Maybe you're finding yourself being stalked by a "twalker?" For one I didn't know, apparently drunk tweeting is referred to as a "dweet." For the more ambitious social media users out there, a person who makes a ton of money through marketing on Twitter is apparently known as a "twillionaire."

There's a ton more Internet lingo to discover in this clever and amusing infographic that should be required reading before anyone is allowed to sign up for a Twitter account.