Transform Your Staircase Into a Library with Interior Design Wall Stickers

If you’re looking to re-design your home, whether in a big way or small, interior design wall stickers are a great place to start.

Vinyl Impression has combined classic novel covers with artwork to create a beautiful design that will have your stairs looking like a giant library of crowd favorites. These stickers only update your staircase but the transformation is drastic and definitely adds a wow factor to your home.

Although the books chosen for the set cannot be changed, the stickers are customized to fit the size and width of your stairs. Also, these stickers are easily removable and reusable, allowing you to change your stairs again without having to spend more money. This is definitely a plus for people who are indecisive and who want to try out how the order they wish to stick the books or for people who love change or get bored easily.

This design definitely adds personality to your home, and being the first of your friends to get it will give you extra style points.