The Wes Newman Rubber Band Series Includes Interesting Portraits

 - Jun 15, 2013
References: wesnamanphotography & wired
Famous photographer Wes Newman became known worldwide for his interesting portraits of people's faces covered in tightly wrapped scotch tape and now he's back, this time covering musicians' faces with elastic bands.

Wes Newman is fascinated with distorting faces to the point that the faces become abnormal and eerie caricatures. The Rubber Band Series began with Wes asking his musician subjects to contort their faces however they wanted to with elastic bands. The elastic bands are a weirdly perfect medium to distort the face because, with their tight fit, they sink the skin inwards and outwards in oddly bizarre ways. Some subjects really took the concept to the next level and made their faces completely unrecognizable, like the girl in the red O'Brother shirt that looks like a beehive with four elastic bands running down her face.