Hawaii Tourism Authority Uses a Multi-Media Approach

In an attempt to attract a younger audience to the region, the Hawaii Tourism Authority launches an interactive microsite that boasts facial recognition software and drone footage. The location-promoting campaign is done in partnership with Expedia Media Solutions and is an example of how strong online tactics can sway a targeted demographic.

Through the use of custom-built facial recognition technology, 'Discover Your Aloha' is able to effortlessly situate the individual in Hawaii's mesmerizing landscape. The interactive microsite is attention-grabbing in light of its exceptional drone footage of the island's sea, land and sky. The campaign does not only channel the wanderlust of a younger audience, however. As the video is playing, the software linked to the interactive microsite scans and analyses the viewer's physical reactions to the content. Post-experience, the algorithm produces a customized travel recommendation, based on the viewer's perception of the video.