Where Are The Joneses?

 - Aug 31, 2007
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Ford Europe has launched an interactive branded sitcom that gets its users involved with the brand through actively involving them in the user-generated TV show, "Where Are The Joneses." The fictional interactive comedies are aired on YouTube, where they are quickly growing to be a huge success.

"It's an online interactive sitcom where users can send in script ideas to be shot and broadcast on YouTube the next day," PSFK.com said. "The use of open media is ingenious. Users participate in creating the transmedia story across multiple distribution platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Wikidot and wherearethejoneses.com."

Ford Europe is the first global brand to use a "Creative Commons open license on a commercial media project."

There is "spontaneity and flexibility required to execute this idea. Big brands often lose in their flirtation with authentic media because of the tight corporate controls they impose. But kudos to Ford for letting this concept flourish and develop organically," PSFK.com said.

The Wiki site features the daily comedy that's shot solely for its online audiences. Not only is it hilarious, but the show is actually written by the community -- you can decide what happens next! You can influence where the Joneses go, the plot and their dialogue. The most appealing part is probably that users have a chance to appear in the series. Users can tinker around with the clips, editing the videos and re-uploading them on YouTube.

"Dawn's father was a sperm donor. Now she has instant family all over Europe. She has just discovered she has a brother here in London. Can they find the rest? We want You to be part of Where Are The Joneses? You can write dialogue, suggest new characters, or just tell us what you think The Joneses should do next. Or perhaps you want to audition!"

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