This Concept Cutting Board Really Measures Up

 - Apr 18, 2013
References: designboom & do4do.tumblr
In 2013, technology has become a common if not mandatory commodity and tool in business and home life, giving way for products like this integrated cutting board scale. Growing populations will mean smaller living spaces, and the fight for ample counter space is already an issue fanned across decades of homeowners and home sellers alike. There just isn’t enough room for a ‘full working’ kitchen! Jim Termeer has come up with a solution that will allow home cooks to really cook again with his design of a cutting board that doubles as a food scale.

The real genius of this gadget comes from the fact that the functions are separate, even within the perimeter of the board itself. You don’t need to move all other food off the mat to get an accurate reading, you simply place the item within the electronically inked sphere on the surface of the mat that corresponds with embedded sensor grids. This is the same kind of technology that is now also being used in infant ‘sleep mats’ to monitor breathing and movement in cribs.

No batteries or external charging source are necessary, and the’life expectancy’of this board is of anywhere from one to three years, which fits the time parameters of how often it is recommended to change cutting boards to prevent bacterial growth.

Photo Credits: do4do.tumblr, designboom