The InTeam Toilet Paper Holder Stashes TP and Reading Materials

 - Mar 8, 2014
References: ex-t & arianemaerz
House guests and inhabitants alike will appreciate the convenience of the InTeam Toilet Paper Holder. This small storage system can accommodate two rolls of toilet paper at once. Assuming the cubbies are kept filled, there would be no more awkward incidents surrounding shortages of bathroom tissue.

The minimalist design is made from a varnished stainless steel sheet that was cut into a long rectangular panel and bent to form six 90-degree angles. The resultant shape provides two squared compartments that are open on two sides, as well as a short gap between them to offer additional storage.

Mount Ariane März's InTeam unit on the wall near the john and you'll have arms'-reach access to the items stashed inside. The central nook is perfect for stashing books and magazines for some entertainment in the washroom.