Artist Thomas Ehgartner Art Installation Critiques the Information Age

 - Nov 29, 2012
References: artdoxa & sweet-station
'Meaning Minus Truth Conditions' is an art installation created by Thomas Ehgartner. The exhibition is a social critique of the ever-expanding flow of information that we as a society are being exposed to.

To demonstrate this, the artist lined up 8,000 books to cover the entirety of the room and had made a structure out of shredded books to create a 'Schwalbennestes,' which is a German world that is translated into "a bird's nest." Placing a ladder beside the bird's nest, the intent of the installation is for the viewer (society) to climb up and sit in the nest where they look down at the endless amount of information that is given to us at constant rates. With all the books laid out in this fashion, it appears overwhelming, but when it is neatly compiled all within our computer screens, it is a much different story and provides a literal interpretation demonstrating how we digest information.

For anyone interested in the art installation, the exhibition is currently taking place at the sculptures studios of the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.