The ‘Inside Amy Schumer: Compliments’ Video Plays on I

 - May 23, 2013
References: buzzfeed
The ‘Inside Amy Schumer: Compliments’ sketch on Comedy Central plays on the notion of people awkwardly using self-deprecation to put themselves down in the face of a compliment.

Former SNL alum, Amy Schumer meets up with her friends in the video and they make hilarious and somewhat off-color remarks about their personal appearance or life situations. Quotes include, "I look like a golden retriever’s dingle-berry," and "of course I see everyone when I look like Susan Boyle’s toothbrush." The video takes on the task of pointing out the ridiculousness of lengths that some people go to to avoid accepting a compliment. The video ultimately ends with someone saying a simple "thank you," and the rest of the group dying from the shock of it.