The Foxfire Insect Repellent Clothing Stuns and Repels Mosquitoes

Japanese clothing company Foxfire launched a range of high-quality and supremely effective insect repellent clothing using a special new mosquito-stopping fabric dubbed SCORON.

When a mosquito lands on SCORON fabric and attempts to bite the wearer, the treated fabric proceeds to stun the unwelcome insect before repelling it.

While there are other examples of insect-repellent clothing out there, what makes this range unique is the fact that its efficacy reduces at a far lower rate upon washing compared to other products. These clothing examples retain 80 per cent of their efficacy after as many as 20 washes which, while not perfect, is the best on the market.

This insect repellent clothing is a great way to stay protected from mosquitoes without having to carry around extra sprays or gadgets.