Macoto Murayama's 'Inorganic Flora' Precisely Renders Plants

 - May 17, 2013
References: fastcodesign
Instead of blueprints of buildings or gadgets, Macoto Murayama built blueprints of plants with his project 'Inorganic flora.' Murayama's collection of visuals is composed of extremely detailed and precise representations of flowers. The graphics render a natural, organic lifeform into a surgical and emotionless depiction.

The 'Inorganic flora' is made by dissecting a plant and then documenting the result. Murayama sketches and photographs the specimen in preparation for creating a model. After the documentation is complete, modelling software is used to replicate the plant in extreme detail. The resulting model is then transformed into a two-dimensional image with the help of Photoshop. In addition to the image, details about the plant are overlayed onto the final product.

Murayama's intention for the graphics was for them to be "a representation of the intellect’s power and its elaborate tools for scrutinizing nature." These extremely detailed visuals of plants have done exactly that.