The InnerAge Health-Tracking App Tells You Your Body's Functional Age

 - Jan 20, 2015
References: blog.insidetracker & gizmodo
InnerAge is a high-tech app, launched by the biotech company InsideTracker, that tests your blood before revealing your 'true' age based on a biological report card of sorts that it generates.

InnerAge requires you to pay $100 for a blood test, with your blood analyzed for five biomarkers known to be correlated with longevity -- glucose, Vitamin D, CO2 inflammation, liver health and testosterone levels. The samples are collected by a nurse who stops by your home. Once blood tests are conducted, information and analysis is sent to the app for display on your smartphone. Upon revealing your 'true' age, the app then offers advice on how to get healthier and feel younger.

If you really want to go in depth however, InsideTracker offers more advanced $150 options (that test 12 biomarkers) and a $500 plan that will test for 30 biomarkers.