J.D. Doria Uses 3D Printing and Acrylics to Create Mysterious Works

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: jd-doria & lostateminor
J.D. Doria's eerie ink splatter photos are incredibly inventive creations combining both art and technology. Using a combination of ink, acrylics and glass, Doria creates images of ink spreading through murky fluids to create surreal and fluid movements. He then captures these images using a camera before feeding them into a 3D scanner, which extrapolates the particles shown, blowing them up into a single frame to produce a single, still image.

These ethereal images are extraterrestrial in appearance, almost as if they were depicting some far-off galaxy. Different molecules and other tiny particles merge together to produce a chaotic, yet cohesive, photograph.

With their vibrant colors, flowing movements and otherworldly atmosphere, Doria's photographs are both philosophical and visually stunning, creating works that are simultaneously cerebral and visceral.