This Device Automatically Aerates Individual Glasses of Wine

 - Nov 27, 2015
References: constanceguisset & dezeen
French designer Constance Guisset recently debuted a tabletop device that automatically aerates individual glasses of wine. Although wine tasting is a fun and social activity, many people lack the equipment necessary to enjoy the full tasting experience at home. This portable device provides a simple way to sample different wines in the comfort of your own home.

Guisset's device was designed for '10-Vins,' which is a company that produces single-serve wine samples in tube-shaped bottles. To use the device, you simply slide one the of the wine tubes into the top of the machine. You must then use a spherical handle to push the tube down so that it can be oxygenated. The machine recognizes each wine based on a RFID chip embedded in the packaging and it will adjust the aeration and temperature accordingly. The end product is individual glasses of wine that are ready for tasting.

The wine-tasting device is perfect for those who love sampling different wines with friends and family.