This Exceptional Infographic Explains the Indian Election System

 - May 16, 2014
References: aljazeera & bizdom.blogspot
The Indian election—which is drawing to a close—represents the largest democratic exercise in human history, with more than 550 million votes being cast in a mammoth election conducted over nine phases spread out over five weeks.

The vastness of India’s populace and the sheer scale of its democratic machinery means that its electoral system is rather difficult to explain and understand. However, the Al Jazeera English news station managed to put together this excellent, elegant infographic that breaks down how the Indian elections work.

The infographic, which was released before voting began, explains the difference between India’s two houses of parliament. It breaks down how voters go about electing their representatives, and how the executive head of the government—the Prime Minister—comes to power. It also provides statistics on the number of voters, candidates, parties and so on whilst breaking down the various voting phases and introducing the two key political parties and other regional parties.

The Indian election may be a humongous and convoluted exercise, but this visually appealing and easy-to-understand infographic does a fine job breaking it down.