This Service Helps Brands Increase Online Traffic and Collect Leads

 - Oct 30, 2015
References: betalist & betalist
'Hide'N'Seek' is a new program that helps brands increase online traffic, collect leads and decrease bounce rates. For content marketers, bloggers and even digital entrepreneurs, it can be difficult to engage visitors online. This service provides a fun and simple way to encourage visitors to spend more time on a specific site.

Hide'N'Seek uses the concept of content gamification to increase online traffic. The service involves installing hidden objects and graphics on a given site. When users visit the site in question they can look for these hidden graphics. As each object is collected, users will receive hints about where to find the remaining items. Those who find all of the objects can be rewarded with a coupon code or access to premium content. The service ultimately provides a fun way to encourage users to visit a new site.

Hide'N'Seek is ideal for content marketers, bloggers or entrepreneurs who are trying to get a new website up and running.