'In Dreams' Turns Your Head into Your Worst Nightmare

 - Dec 12, 2013
References: samuelblain & laughingsquid
London based multi-international aware winning filmmaker Samuel Blain shot and filmed his final project of his undergraduate degree, In Dreams. His short experimental documentary on dreams is as surreal as dreams go, where he utilizes visual effects to mutate his interviewees into their actual dreams as they recount them in the video.

In the surreal documentary, Blain interviews people who have dreamt that their teeth continuously falling out. Another man has reoccurring dreams that every single part of his body is covered in fur including his eyelids, face, throat and lips, which is represented through the man's face and head completely covered in fur. The final interviewee features a woman talking about her walking through the woods, with her head transformed into branches of a tree.

The documentary appears to be a message of facing your fears head on (literally) by talking about them and even, thanks to Blain, embodying those fears to help people overcome any deep-rooted insecurities or anxieties.