The 'I'm Here' Fluorescent Sticker Labels Invisible Objects in the Night

 - Nov 14, 2013
A collection of 'I'm Here' Fluorescent Stickers would be terribly useful for those who tend to get up and walk around during the night. Light sleepers and night owls may decide to check on something within their homes or entertain themselves with an activity to pass the time. Whatever the reason, it would be practical for them to have some assistance navigating a blackened environment.

The 2013 Red Dot Design concept of Zhou Bofei, Chen Haoyu, Liu Jiadong and Jin Yuyang is a series of adhesive labels that are made with semi-transparent glowing material. They do not attract attention during the day, but at night they illuminate neon green. The 'I'm Here' Fluorescent Stickers take specific symbols like a key, a door handle, a cup and an arrow to help you find what you're seeking.