The Ilumi Smart Bulbs Will Change Color, Turn On & Illuminate Zen Vibes

 - Jul 19, 2015
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The Ilumi has multiple features that provide you with the brightest LED lights that illuminate zen hues, change color and can be remotely controlled through a smartphone.

These LED bulbs have the ability to act as a light alarm; the Ilumi will shine different hues and bright colors to provide users with a relaxing wake-up call. The app will also provide natural light that portrays the same characteristics as the sun to increase body wellness. If users send an image of their location to the app, it will decide which lighting goes best with the atmosphere.

In addition to these features, these smart bulbs will sense your presence to automatically turn on and can be set on a timer if you are on vacation. They will sync to your music and produce rhythmic light shows, and their best feature is that they have a 20-year lifespan.