Ilaria Innocenti's Design Looks Similar to a Cork Stopper

 - Apr 16, 2014
References: ilariai & designboom
This tableware design by Ilaria Innocenti is meant to resemble that of a cork-stopper at the top of a champagne bottle. It almost looks like with a quick turn, the wiring will pop off revealing an alcoholic surprise inside.

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not the case. The wiring, however, is ideal for carrying dishes around the kitchen, and they come in various levels and sizes. The collection is called 'Muselet,' and could be used as a fruit bowl or for serving chips at a party. The bowls themselves were made through a mechanical wheel, and coated with various colors including gray, blue and a light pink, all quite neutral hues that go with different settings.

Photo Credits: designboom, ilariai