The Ikaros Line Thrower Makes Explosive Fire Power Rescue a Reality

 - Apr 2, 2013
References: wired
One of the most dangerous aspects of traveling by sea is the possibility of your boat getting stranded, or worse yet, being thrown over board, but some companies are doing their best to make sure that we are actively fighting against our seaborne fears and this explosive Ikaros Line Thrower is a great example of rocket-powered safety precaution at its best.

For $599, the Ikaros Line Thrower is a high-powered device that pretty much ensures that no boat, person or object stranded within about 1,000 feet of you will get left behind.

Looking something like a large water pitcher, the Ikaros Line Thrower is an 8.8 pound canister that houses solid rocket fuel and a high-tension safety line capable of tugging up to 450 pounds. Using good aim and some serious knee strength, simply shoot this life-saving device off your boat to save a life.