The Opulent 'Ida Pfeiffer' Yacht Can Venture Into Arctic Waters

 - May 1, 2018
References: globeregal & newatlas
The 'Ida Pfeiffer' is one of the first luxury yachts to be more than capable of taking passengers and crew into waters of bone-chilling temperature, thanks to the fact that it comes with ice-class certification.

Created as part of a high-powered collaboration between Globe Regal Yachting, Gill Schmid Designs and Dorries Yachts, this magnificent diesel-electric yacht offers a range of 11,200 kilometers and is designed to be able to operate in fairly shallow waters. What's more, it also comes with its very own helipad.

Luxury yachts are all about opulence and going places that most people will never get to visit, and with its ice-class certification and ability to venture into near-freezing waters, the Ida Pfeiffer has marked itself out as a true ultra-luxury vessel.