Ian Davie Paints Intricate Images onto Bird Souvenirs

 - Aug 26, 2011
References: featherart.net & designyoutrust
As if painting intricate artwork on large canvases weren't an already challenging task, Ian Davie chooses to paint on feathers. Let's take a moment to evaluate how difficult that really is as feathers have a tendency to split whenever pressure is applied to its barbs. Still, Ian Davie manages to craft these fanciful pieces with the utmost detail, using feathers as panels of sorts, and the results are all amazing to witness.

Ian Davie primary paints a variety of birds on these feather paintings, but he's not averse to illustrating the great outdoors as seen on his personal website.

Implications - Consumers are fascinated by the arts because they satiate their desire for euphoric escapism content. As such, corporations that are able to implement innovative artwork into their promotional and media campaigns should do so since consumer demand for it is always high.