IAAC Students Create a Scientific Way to Keep the Heat Down in Buildings

 - Sep 19, 2014
References: iaac.net & designboom
The IAAC students have come up with a way to cool a building in a more passive manner, instead of using air conditioning which is much more mechanical, and must be scheduled to turn on and off.

Using a certain material known as 'hydrogel,' this substance is put inside the walls of a building from the very beginning. As the material absorbs moisture then expands, it cools the area down around it, creating a built-in air conditioning system. This way the material does the work for you, without anyone having to sorry about what the temperature should be set to. As stated on DesignBoom, "the final version, 'hydroceramic,' works as an evaporative cooling device which reduces warmth and increases the humidity, thus lowering the air of the indoor environment by five to six degrees." Photo Credits: designboom, iaac.net